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Soldier Pile Wall in Mandurah,Western Australia

Cased CFA Soldier Piled Wall:Geopractika recently completed a project in Mandurah, Western



Soldier Pile Wall in Mandurah,Western Australia

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Cased CFA Soldier Piled Wall:

Geopractika recently completed a project in Mandurah, Western Australia utilising the Cased CFA system. A cased CFA soldier piled wall was constructed using 620mm diameter concrete filled piles installed at 2.5m c/c spacing’s complete with a 310UC158.

The Cased CFA system was proposed to our client due to the prevailing ground conditions, sand overlying limestone of variable strength in addition the piling specification called for soldier pile columns to be installed within a 7mm tolerance.


These shoring walls are typically constructed by installing steel columns vertically (soldier piles), which are drilled at regular intervals generally prior to the excavation. The excavation is performed in small stages so that the lagging can be installed between the soldier piles resting on the flanges of the steel to retain the soil on the outside of the excavation.  Passive soil resistance can be achieved when you embed the soldier piles under the excavation grade. The lagging will then bridge and retain soil throughout the piles and transfer the lateral load through the soldier pile system. Soldier piles can be installed relatively quick which makes soldier piles a cost effective option.