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Perth Piling Technology

All piling techniques have undergone major development over recent years and are now widely


Torndirrup National Park- Rock Anchors

 The Gap and Natural Bridge in Torndirrup National Park Albany We have recently


Soldier Pile Wall in Mandurah,Western Australia

Cased CFA Soldier Piled Wall:Geopractika recently completed a project in Mandurah, Western




Geopractika Pty Ltd is a Perth based, Western Australian Owned and Operated Business. 

Geopractika Pty Limited was founded in September 2000; the primary objective of the company is to provide a comprehensive range of geotechnical and soil improvement solutions through our geotechnical contracting and consulting services to the industry throughout Australia.

The company’s international exposure and association with many major contractors and our involvement across a broad spectrum of industry has provided us with a wealth of experience in many different aspects of the very latest geotechnical and foundation engineering processes.

Geopractika is presently able to offer capability across a broad range of specialist geotechnical and foundation techniques.

Quality is our foundation